In 1936…

Rev. Osper W. Lewis together with a few baptized believers in Christ organized Mount Olive Methodist Church. The first location of the church was 3105 31st Avenue North and Huntsville Road (now known as Fred L. Shuttlesworth Drive). The church remained at this location from 1936 to 1939.

In the early 1940’s…

Six women who remained faithful with the church after Rev. Osper Lewis departed from the church, went to Rev. John T. Cotton, Sr. and asked him to become their pastor. The names of those women were Sister Grace Hodge, Sister Minnie Love, Sister Rosa Bozeman, Sister Annie Dailey, Sister Bates, and Sister Brewer. At that time they worshipped at Primitive Baptist Church and then they worshipped with St. Mark Baptist Church (St. Mark Baptist Church is located across the street from the church today). Next they went from house to house with their worship services. This was the start of Mount Olive Community Church. In 1945 they purchased property on Church Street (now known as 32nd Avenue North). Construction started September 2, 1955 on the church and they moved into the new church on April 24, 1956.

In the early 1960’s…

The United States government purchased the property on Church Street to build the Collegeville projects. Property was purchased and the church was built on its present location. The members marched into the new church on September 24, 1961. At this time the church was concrete block and in 1972 bricks were placed around the church. The church also had several different addresses. 1) 3341 32nd Street North, 2) 3336 32nd Way North, 3) 3345 32nd Way North, 4) 3101 32nd Avenue North, 5) 3345 32nd Street North (present address). In the spring or summer of 1978 lighting struck the church and started a fire. The fire damaged the roof of the church. Rev. J. T. Cotton and members held church outside until all repairs were completed in 1979. Through the years as the church grew and several pieces of property were purchased, this enabled Rev. Cotton’s vision from the Lord God to add the ‘T’ shape to the church. The vision for this building was the fellowship hall, kitchen, rest rooms and class rooms. On December 14, 1980 the Mount Olive Community Church family became disheartened by the passing of their beloved Rev. John Thomas Cotton, Sr. This great leader was called to glory while doing something he loved to do and that was serving the Lord. While preaching a sermon at Mt. Zion Community Church the Lord decided it was time for Rev. J. T. Cotton to come home. His final words were “God Is”. He is truly missed by all of us, but his spirit will always live in our hearts.


March 20, 1981

The “T” shape addition was started on the church and was completed on November 1982. In August 1981 the church was blessed by God to have as its new pastor the Rev. James A. Gilmore. Under his leadership the church continued to grow in spirit and prosperity. During Rev. Gilmore’s tenure the church’s parking lot was paved (asphalted), new pews were purchased, the church purchased a church van and a marquee was added. Rev. James A. Gilmore pastoral ship ended on December 1999.

May 7, 2000

Mount Olive Community Church was blessed again by God to gain another man of God to be our pastor. Rev Marcus A. Lewis was called to be the pastor of the church. With Rev. Lewis as our leader the church had stained glass windows put in, new lighting fixtures were added and other property was purchased. Under his leadership the church was steadily on the move.

January 15, 2012

Rev. Marcus A. Lewis tenured as pastor ended. Mount Olive Community Church was blessed by God to have another shepherd to lead His people. On December 23, 2012 Dr. Rachelle Diquae Anderson was announced as Pastor of the church.